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Thriving at work – Cassandra Goodman – Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington’s famous Thrive Global team will deliver a module of their ‘Thriving Performance’ methodology. Thrive are successfully challenging mindsets and beliefs about productivity and the way we work using science and storytelling.Their philosophy is not about gym memberships & fruit baskets, it’s about what drives behaviours and informs culture and how we evolve thinking and beliefs about work. For example, why do we believe we have to be connected 24/7? Would being at work less increase our productivity? We need to see a different reality – for our sleep, for our wellbeing, and for better relationships with our colleages, family and friends. Thrive will show us how.

“How to Work – with Cal Newport, Le Tran and Jonathon Elliot”

This exciting session will look at the ins and outs of deep work, attention, digital minimalism and forms of experimentation with the way we ‘do’ work and ultimately the way we are in the world. Madeleine Dore, author of the popular blog Extraordinary Routines and accountability experiment ‘Side Project Sessions’, will interview Cal Newport about his work over many years around how to live well and work consciously in a high tech world. Cal and Madeleine will be joined on stage by Dropbox’s Head of Communications Le Tran, who think deeply about how we work and run experiments within their team, and Jonathon Elliot, Managing Director of a professional services firm who have successfully introduced a 5-hour work day.

Warm Data Labs

Warm Data Labs are facilitated group processes which illustrate interdependency within group dynamics and help to generate understandings of systems theory for people with no previous exposure to it. Warm Data Labs enable new societal responses to complex challenges. Christie Little will lead us through this fun, interactive session where we’ll explore key questions, assumptions, differences and points of convergence in how we see the future of work.

The School of Life – Purpose at Work

Day-to-day work can all too easily make us feel bored or burnt out. For many of us, this is when we start fantasising about changing careers. But what we most often need is to feel reconnected to our underlying values and the long-term impact of the work at hand. According to a 2016 study, 85% of companies with a strongly defined sense of purpose showed positive growth in that year. In this session we will consider our personal talents and passions, and how they align with our role in the organisation and rediscover our core motivations and values, and consider how to prioritise among them. The School of Life for business teach emotional maturity as a key intelligence in the workplace of the future.

Bravery at Work – Kylie Lewis

Kylie Lewis is a Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator, and will deliver a custom session borrowing from Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead™, Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ curricula. For organisations, companies, schools, sports teams, and any one interested in being braver at work and life, this is a fantastic entry point. Kylie will run a workshop forcurious, creative wholehearted types on the topics of daring leadership, building courageous cultures, productivity, planning and taking leaps.

Playing with the idea of Work – Dominic Price – Atlassian

Dominic Price is a force of nature committed to unleashing potential in every team, as well as Atlassian’s own. He has famously built strong, innovative teams by bringing the best thinking from the edge of work futures into practical innovation amongst Atlassian teams. Atlassian are reshaping definitions of how workplace culture is done, for example, redefining ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ as ‘Balance and Belonging’. Dom is an advocate for ‘just doing less’ and stripping complexity out of our work lives in order to increase our energy, creativity, joy and productivity.

Wellbeing at Work – Chloe Hamman – Culture Amp

Culture Amp are a Melbourne based technology company and one of a handful of ‘unicorns’ (companies valued at $1bn+) in Australia’s tech landscape. The company has made its name by bringing a scientific and data-driven approach to shaping workplace cultures, and designing beautiful software to help teams and leaders monitor the progress of their strategies to improve team wellbeing. Chloe Hamman is the Director of People Science at Culture Amp and she will be walking us through some key data, trends and insights Culture Amp has gleaned over years of being at the cutting edge of company culture, including their current work on the ‘State of Wellbeing’ in the work place.

Humans at Work – Mikey Ellis – Culture Strategist

As a teacher, Mikey Ellis wanted to be the kind of teacher he wished he’d had at school. As a life coach, he helped adults live the lives they wanted to live. As Head of Culture at Vinomofo, he created the workplace he always wanted to work in. And now, as a culture strategist he helps organisations shape strategies allowing people the space to have an authentic life at work. Mikey is well practised in the art of wellbeing on a personal and organisational level, and a recognised expert in culture strategy. Mikey will share with us some of what he has learned along his journey.

Getting things done at Work – Side Project Sessions – Madeleine Dore

Our host from earlier in the day will run a version of her ‘Side Project Sessions’, aka ‘peer-pressured productivity for your labour of love.’ Think of that thing you have been wanting and meaning to do but haven’t ever got there. Whether it’s something in your role, or in your personal life, this activation at Conscious Work is all about getting it done! Think – dedicated time, accountability and quiet for whatever you’ve been putting off. What is it you most want to get done?

Who we are at Work – Dr Jason Fox – Clever Happenings

Dr Jason Fox’s work spans a wide range of topics for the explorer of modern work – he is an expert in motivation design, creativity and curiosity, he has experimented with attention and distraction, even (toying with) quitting social media.
Jason will speak to the very real need for adults in work to continue to evolve their knowledge and development, as part of the life long process of becoming who we are. Jason will explore how we can do this more consciously through a range of techniques and experiments exploring ourselves.”

Matt Wicking

Matt Wicking is a professional facilitator and musician, who uses his skills to craft beautiful moments and make space for important conversations. Matt will be our guide over this day of exciting new ideas and deep exploration.

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